Ms. Kimberly Larson (pseudo), 2010-2011

Being ECCA's first year, we did not select a Teacher of the Year. Instead, ECA Director of Graphics & Design, Kimberly Larson, who served as ECHS's Teacher of the Year in 2009-2010, represented our ECCA at the Superintendant's Advisory Meetings. 


Ms. Larson

ECCA Director of Information Technology Cluster
ECCA Website SubSite Director
ECCA Technology Contact

ECCA Phone: 912.754.5610 ext. 3033

Instructional Technology Support Team Leader, Central Office
ECSD Communications Specialist  

BOE Phone: 912.754.6491 ext. 1113


The former Director of Graphic Communications & Design pathways, Ms. Larson started teaching in 2003. Ms. Larson holds a B.F.A. & M.F.A. in Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design.
In 2015, Ms. Larson transitioned to the Director of the Computer Science Pathway (Information Technology Career Cluster) at the Effingham College & Career Academy where she teaches AP Computer Science and will begin her role as Technology Leader / Instructional Coach in the 2018-2019 school year. 
In 2020, Ms. Larson took on the role of the Communications Specialist for the Effingham County School District. 

Current Job Duties

  • ECCA Faculty
  • ECCA Sub-Site Director (ECCA Website)
  • Technology Contact for ECCA
  • Instructional Technology Support Team Leader for the Central Office
  • Communications Specialist for the Effingham County School District 

Degree(s) & Certifications

College  .  University  .  Organization Date(s) Degree(s)  .  Certification(s)
Savannah College of Art and Design 1999 Bachelor of Fine Art - Graphic Design
Savannah College of Art and Design 2002 Master of Fine Art - Graphic Design
Valdosta State University 2005
NTI Certificatio
Adobe 2013 Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) - Illustrator
Adobe 2014 Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) - Illustrator
Adobe 2014 Adobe Certified Educator (ACE)
Microsoft    2014 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) - Word 2007
Microsoft 2014 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) - PowerPoint 2007
Google 2014 Certified - Google Apps for Education
Adobe 2014 AdobeGenPro: Animation
College Board 2015 AP Endorsement - AP Computer Science A
College Board 2016 AP Endorsement - AP Computer Science Principles
G Suite for Education 2017 Level 1 & Level 2 
G Suite for Education 2020 Level 1 & Level 2 

Georgia Teaching Certificates

Art (P-12)
Business Education (6-12) 
Engineering and Technology
Graphic Communications and Design

Noteworthy Facts

 Personal  Professional  SkillsUSA
  • 1994
    • 8'x24' Hand Painted Billboard
  • 1995
    • MVP - Florida All-Star Games Fast-Pitch Softball Team
    • Florida All-State Fast-Pitch Softball Team
  • 1999
    • Outstanding Senior - SCAD
  • 2000
    • Peer Education Certification & President - BACCHAS & GAMMA
    • Outstanding School Spirit - SCAD
    • OCERA Boat Project at SCAD
  • 2010
    • Award of Excellence, Nominated by John Michael Osborne / Awarded by Savannah Morning News
  • 2012
    • Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Illustrator
  • 2014
    • Adobe Certified Instructor - Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Certified Educator


  •  2006
    • PrintED Accreditation (in Introduction & Digital File Prep) for Effingham County High School
  • 2007
    • STAR Teacher, Nominated/Awarded by Serena Lai
  • 2008
    • GPS Revision Committee (Graphic Communication & Graphic Design)
  • 2009-2010
    • Teacher of the Year, Effingham County High School
  • 2011
    • STAR Teacher, Nominated/Awarded by Christina Hillman
    • PrintED Accreditation (in Advertising Design) for Effingham College & Career Academy
  • 2012-2013
    • Federal Career Cluster Curriculum revision committee (Graphic Design & Graphic Communications)


  • 2007
    • SkillsUSA Advisor to Serena Lai, 14th Place in the Nation for Advertising Design
  • 2010
    • SkillsUSA Advisor to Christina Hillman, 8th Place in the Nation for Graphic Communications
    • SkillsUSA Advisor to Hayden Polk, 8th Place in Nation for Screen Printing
  • 2011
    • We are the ONLY school in the state of Georgia to place 1st in this contest ever!
    • SkillsUSA Advisor to Christina Hillman, 1st Place in the National for Graphic Communications
    • SkillsUSA Advisor to Becca Burns, National Competitor for Photography
  • 2012
    • SkillsUSA Advisor to Becca Burns, National Competitor for Photography, 
  • 2014
    • SkillsUSA Advisor to Jessica Harder, 1st Place in the State of Georgia for Georgia Pin Design. (Pin was used in the 2014 NLSC Pin Trade)
    • SkillsUSA Advisor to Tatiana Jorge, 14th Place in the Nation Advertising Design