Dr. Michelle Thompson, 2018-2019

Dr. Thompson

Bio--Dr. Michelle Thompson


College/University Date(s) Attended Degree
Ga Southern University 1996-2000 BS Kinesiology  Major:  Exercise Science
Armstrong Atlantic State University 2001-2005 MS Education, Broadfield Science Education
Ga Southern University 2006-2011
EdD Curriculum Studies
I have taught many, MANY science courses:  Honors and Regular Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Honors and Regular Biology, Physical Science, Anatomy and Physiology, Psychology, and Medical Magnet.  Prior to teaching at ECCA I taught Honors and AP Chemistry in the Georgia STEM Certified Program at HV Jenkins High School in Savannah, Georgia.  
My teaching philosophy is rooted in the idea that my students will not care how much I know unless they know that I care about them.  I strive every day to treat my students as my own children, pushing them beyond their comfort level but being right there to catch them if they fall.  It is my hope that students leave my class with a feeling of self-confidence and pride in their achievements.  I also firmly believe that EVERY student has something of value to contribute to the conversation.  I create opportunities for students to showcase their strengths and improve upon areas that they are not as strong.   
I have been married to my husband, Alex, for 20 years.  We have three children:  Tyler (17), Bradley (13), and Madelyn (8) who all attend Effingham County schools.  When we are not chasing our children at extra-curricular activities, we enjoy trying new restaurants and going to Disney World.  When we retire, Alex and I would like to run for Mayor and First Lady of Main Street, USA in Magic Kingdom.  
I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to direct the Scientific Research program and serve as the AP Chemistry instructor at ECCA.  I look forward to working with all of you!