Booster Club By-Laws

South Effingham High School Booster Club By-Laws

Revised & Accepted - 11/19/2010


Article One-Purpose

The purpose of each booster club is to provide support for the team or teams at South Effingham High School.


Article Two-Name

The name of the booster organization will be determined by the Booster Organization itself and must be approved by the Principal at SEHS.  The Booster Organization will operate within the guidelines set forth by the Effingham County Board of Education, and under the direction of South Effingham High School.  South Effingham High School , SEHS Athletic Department, nor the Effingham County Board of Education is responsible for debt incurred by a booster organization.


Article Three-Dues

The dues, if any, will be determined annually by the Booster Organization.  Members of the Booster Organization must pay those dues to be a voting member.  Season passes and tickets are not part of any package


Article Four-Officers and Duties

Each Booster Organization shall elect a president, vice president, and secretary/treasurer to serve for one booster season.  A nominating committee will be formed before the last meeting to study the availability of officer candidates.  New officers for the coming season will be elected the last scheduled meeting of the season.  All nominations will be considered for election, which will occur by written ballot.  The Vice President shall count the votes.  This must occur before the end of the school year.  The officers of each booster organization will meet quarterly with the Principal and Athletic Director to discuss matters relevant to each booster organization. This group constitutes the Executive Committee.  The first meeting of the Executive Committee will discuss assessment of fees for each booster organization, rights to reserved parking, scholarship organization, and other relevant topics. 


The President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer will conduct individual booster meetings.  The Vice President will conduct the meeting if the President is absent. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be the custodian of the minutes of the organization and keep accurate records of the general meetings.  The booster officers shall also have the authority and responsibility for the safe keeping of the funds and securities of the organization.  Accurate record of all activities including donations and donations in kind (labor and items other than money ) must be kept at all times.  These records will be copied and given to the Athletic Director at each Booster Executive Committee meeting.  The financial records and minutes of the previous meeting must be approved at the beginning of each meeting by vote.  The elected members shall serve without compensation.  An elected official may resign by written notification and a new one will be elected at the next booster organization meeting. 


A coach may not be one of the elected positions.   The head coach(es) should attend each meeting.


Article Five-Operating and Meeting Times

The Booster Organization will meet at times selected by the President of the organization.  Meeting times and locations should be reserved through the school to ensure that two groups are not meeting at the same place at the same time. The Booster Clubs may meet any time necessary during the year. 


The operating time (times a booster organization may fund raise) are defined as follows:

a.      one month before the first GHSA scheduled practice for that sport and one month after the last game is completed for that sport.

b.     All fundraisers that do not fit within the above time period should be approved by a majority vote of the Booster Executive Committee. (Each sport’s organization gets one vote, to be cast by the booster president or a designee. In the absence of a Booster Executive Committee meeting, such votes may be conducted through e-mail.)



Article Six-Budget and Fund Raisers

A budget shall be prepared by the coach and the booster officers, approved by the Athletic Director, and taken to the Booster Organization at the first meeting of the Booster Organization each season.  Items on this budget will be detailed and scheduled as to order of importance.  The Booster Organization will have the freedom to discuss the budget and review the proposed budget.  The Budget will be voted upon by the Booster Organization in a timely manner.  The Booster Organization will then work to fund that budget. The Booster Organization may fundraise within the operating times defined in Article Five above.  The fundraisers must meet standards representative of The Effingham County Board of Education.  Individual coaches may do fundraisers and the funds will go into the team account in the school. These are separate from the boosters’ fundraisers.


Awards, banquet, and state playoff travel must be a part of the overall budget.  The awards must follow the approved SEHS Awards Policy.  The Athletic Department will purchase individual patches for teams that win the region in their sport.  Boosters may purchase patches for sub-region champions or state playoff if they choose.  For awards, the Athletic Department will provide $20 for every senior, a Highest Senior GPA plaque, certificates for everyone with an “A” average and for all who letter, and chenille letters and sports inserts for the letter jackets of all athletes who letter. The funding of rooms and for state playoffs should also be in the overall budget and covered by the booster clubs.  Overnight rooms for invitational tournaments and the cost of travel must be picked up by the boosters or paid by the students themselves.  All booster clubs must give the same allowance for meals to players, which is not to exceed $10 per day.  The boosters are not required to provide meals for players on trips, but may not exceed the $10 maximum.


Article Seven-Accounting

Funds raised will go into the Booster Organization Bank Account.  Items on the approved Budget will be paid by the booster organization. Detailed financial statements and reports should be provided to the Athletic Office as outlined below:


Each booster group should provide:

1.     Prior to Season:

a.      Budget – w/ three Categories: 1) Program Expenditures, 2) Capital Expenditures, 3) Fundraising Expenditures

b.     List of Fundraisers with brief description of each

c.      Capital Project plans (if applicable) - All must get prior approval.


2.     Post-Season

a.       Financial Report – w/ three Categories: 1) Program Expenditures, 2) Capital Expenditures, 3) Fundraising Expenditures

b.     Fundraiser Profit/Loss Statements


3.     End-of-Year

a.      Financial Report (final) –w/ same three Categories (not necessary if unchanged from Post-Season Report)

b.     Fundraiser Profit/Loss Statements (final) – not necessary if unchanged from Post-season Report

c.      A statement from a Booster Officer stating that End-of-Year reports were unchanged since Post-Season would suffice



Only items on the budget that are approved through the Athletic Office and the Head Coach should be purchased by the Booster Organization.  Donations may be given to the Booster Organization, and donations in kind may also be given to the Booster Organization.  All funds in the Booster Organization’s bank account must be liquid at the beginning of the school year.


Article Eight-Endorsement of Political Candidates

The Booster Organization is not allowed to endorse or support any political candidate as an organization.


Article Nine-Rules of Conducting and Reviewing

A quorum for conducting regular business by the Booster Organization will be the members present at any regular or called meeting.  A called meeting must give 48 hour notice of the meeting.  Things voted upon will be determined by majority vote.  Robert’s Rules of Order will be followed at meetings.

The by-laws will be reviewed annually by the executive committee.  The Principal at SEHS along with the Executive Committee has the authority to change rules and governance of Booster Organizations at SEHS.


Article Ten-Advertisement

The Booster Organizations are not allowed to advertise at athletic events for the purpose of raising money.  They may advertise upcoming fundraising events at athletic events to encourage participation.


Article Eleven – Capital Improvements
Booster Organizations or individuals may not do any improvements to any facility without the approval of the Principal at SEHS.