Sky’s the Limit for Skylar Kennett

Congrats Skylar Kennett

Sky’s the Limit for Skylar Kennett

Skylar Kennett has earned a full-ride Stamps President's Scholarship to Georgia Tech. Skylar, a senior at Effingham College & Career Academy, plans to accept the scholarship and pursue a degree in electrical engineering. The scholarship covers the entire cost of attendance including tuition and fees, housing and meal plan, books, personal expenses, and supplies for four years, plus a laptop computer stipend.

“This is one of the most remarkable achievements one can make at Georgia Tech,” says Chaffee Viets, Director of the Office of Special Scholarships. “Stamps President's Scholars represent less than one percent of the first-year applicant pool and, once enrolled, become some of Georgia Tech’s best scholars, leaders, public servants, and ambassadors.” 

As a member of the the Stamps scholar program, Skylar will have access to the following perks:

  • The nation's largest voluntary co-op program.
  • A strong community of scholars like herself to support her throughout college.
  • Priority housing her first year and guaranteed housing all four years.
  • Annual class retreats focusing on professional development.
  • $12,000 for use toward international academic experiences, unpaid research or internships, and other enrichment experiences in leadership, scholarship, progress, and service.
  • A fall pre-enrollment "Tech Trek." 
  • Academic Search for Knowledge (ASK) trips in various domestic and international locations.
  • Mentoring from staff, upperclassmen, alumni, and faculty members.
  • A first-semester course focused on the program's criteria of scholarship, leadership, progress, and service.
  • A vast network of well-established Georgia Tech alumni worldwide.
  • A growing national network of Stamps Scholars at nearly 40 universities nationwide.
  • And finally, the opportunity to attend and plan the biennial Stamps Scholars National Convention with and for hundreds of fellow Stamps Scholars across the country.

It’s a remarkable honor and could not have gone to a more deserving candidate. No doubt, the rigor at Georgia Tech will be challenging, but combining her intelligence and hard work with the financial and academic support provided by the scholarship, there’s no telling how far Skylar will go. Who knows? Maybe even beyond the sky.