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Central Registration is moving to virtual registrations until further notice. We encourage parents to upload documents as a way to maintain safety and social distance. If you are unable to upload your documents, please contact Central Registration at registration@effingham.k12.ga.us or 912.754.2530. Thank you for your cooperation and patience!

We highly encourage you to use caution and practice online safety when choosing an upload method. Please check all images/PDFs before uploading to ensure that the information is not blurry and can be easily read.

Once you have digitized all your documents, you can upload directly to the application.

Desktop/Laptop Methods

Webcam - Although the the result can be lower-quality compared to a digital camera or phone, it is possible to use a webcam to scan documents and save them to your laptop/desktop computer. Open your camera's software to locate the "screenshot" or "capture image" button to take a photo of your document. Hold the camera or document very still and use plenty of light in order to get a clear picture.

Desktop scanner - If you have access to one, a desktop scanner will produce great results. Be sure to use medium quality since high resolution can cause the file size to be too large for uploading. If the file is too large, the application will not accept the file.

Digital camera/webcam - Any modern digital camera should be sufficient to take photos of documents. If you are using one of these, keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure the document fits within the entire frame. This allows small details like dates to be easily recognized.
  • If using the flash becomes a problem, hold the camera or document very still while taking the photo. You can place the document on a table in a sunlit room and hold the camera steady while taking the photo.

Smartphone Apps

While you can use smartphone or tablet apps to scan documents, the online registration system has been known to have issues with device uploads. The following apps are suggested for taking photos, but you may experience trouble uploading from the same device. You may have to save your files to another location so that they can be accessed and uploaded from a desktop or laptop. If you can access links to the documents in your app, then you can send those links to your registrar.

Adobe Scan - Once scanned, this app allows you to save the file or share the file using a link. You can send these links to your registrar. You may need to create an account for link sharing.

Microsoft Lens - Apple StoreGoogle Play Store

Genuis Scan - Apple StoreGoogle Play Store

Notes App - iPhone

Google Drive Scan - If you use Google drive, you can scan your documents to a folder and share that folder with your registrar using that person's email address.

Google Scan

Other smartphone scanning options


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