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Student Verification will be submitted through our online service and requires the use of Parent Portal. Please review the topics below for assistance during the verification process. The current window for Student Verifications is September 17 - 30th. Please be sure to use a desktop or laptop computer as cellphones and devices have encountered problems with the online verification website.

Once you have completed your online verification, please be sure to review, sign, and return the Emergency Contact sheet for each of your students.


Parent Portal Access
If you cannot remember your password, please use the "Forgot Password" link on the Parent Portal login page. If you have never logged in to Parent Portal before, please contact your child's school or Central Registration for your username.


Registering Parent Status
Only the registering parent can submit online verification applications. Step-parents and non-household guardians may not complete student verifications.



Logging In
Log in to Parent Portal and click "More" at the bottom of the left-side panel, then click "Online Registration" in the main screen.

Screenshot of Parent Portal Index Menu   Screenshot of Student Verification Button








Click "Student Verification" in the new screen to review the list of students in your application. Carefully review the information on this page and click "Begin Registration".

Student Verification Welcome Screen

In the next page, scroll to the bottom and click the blue "Begin" button. The verification form is divided into four sections of information which need review. Use the "Save/Continue" button at the bottom of each section to save your changes and move on to the next section.

 Screenshot of Student Household Section


Parents/Guardians Section
This information should only include legal guardians who reside in the primary household or a second household. If you are adding a new parent or need to remove a parent, please answer the questions at the end of this section to indicate these changes.

Screenshot of Parents/Guardians Section

Other Household Section
Use this area to add children who are too young to attend school.


Registering Student(s) Section
This section shows students in the household who are enrolled and need to be reviewed for information updates. The areas that need to be reviewed include relationships to parents/guardians and other household members, healthcare provider, Pre-K program attended, and pick up restrictions or guardianship notes. 

As with the Parent/Guardian area, be sure to check the update questions to ensure that your changes are properly reviewed and applied. If a question has been skipped, the student's name will appear in yellow (as shown below). Go back and review each question to make sure that all have been answered.


Screenshot of Student Section

Use the "Student Verification - Other Updates" area to enter any changes to guardianship or pickup restrictions.

Screenshot of Student - Other Updates


Submitting Your Verification
Complete each section and click the red "Submit" button on the "Completed" section to submit your application.

Screenshot of Submission Page


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