AT HOME LEARNING - Creativity Cues

Posted by Theone Karatassos on 3/19/2020

March is Youth Art Month so let's try to view this time at home as an opportunity to get creative and make as much art as possible!

I'll be posting some “creativity cues” for you to explore during the month of March. Click here to use my flipgrid to share what you’ve been inspired to create and tell others what you think about artist, artwork, or project you explored. Here are some suggestions for those that’d like to dig deeper into art during this time. 

Two quickies to get you started:

1. Andy Goldsworthy (One of my favorites!)

Get PARENT PERMISSION to do an image search of Andy Goldsworthy art on the computer or even your parent's phone or tablet. You can click HERE to skip that step and get a brief overview of Andy Goldsworthy and HERE to see some of his artworks. His art will definitely inspire you to look at the natural world in a whole new way! 

Next, check out your environment. Imagine a simple leaf as a dab of paint or just a stick as a line to begin to create with, and let your creativity build an artwork out of the natural objects you find! Once you’ve created your nature inspired piece don’t forget to photograph it if you have the opportunity- just like Andy Goldsworthy! Take it a step further and sketch your design on a piece of paper.


2. Deep Space Sparkle Projects!

With PARENT PERMISSION check out THIS LINK for a selection of projects that require sometimes basic, sometimes a little more fancy, art supplies. Materials can be substituted; for example you can use a black crayon rather than an oil pastel if you do not have any pastels at home, and you don’t have to paint to add color. You can simply use crayons or if you have markers and a brush, you can use those and add water after you color to make your art more painterly! Experiment and have fun with it!

Check back later for some new creativity cues to inspire and SHARE!!

Also don't forget the Specials' 15 Day Challenge located HERE. :)