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Bovine Bookmobile Delivers Reading to Students

Books on the Moove at Springfield Elementary School
Bovine Bookmobile Delivers Reading to Students

Springfield, GA, October 27, 2020 — COVID 19 has certainly caused disruptions in many of our daily routines, including visiting our school media centers. However, this has not cur-tailed our students' love of reading. To accommodate the safety guidelines, our creative media specialists have found a number of ways to deliver books to our eager readers.

Ms. Regina Blewett at Springfield Elementary School has turned to “Bessie the Book Bovine” to help deliver books to students who have requested them through our library check-out system. Students can use their laptop or Chromebook to access the system and place holds on available books; Ms. Blewett, Ms. Burns, and Bessie take it from there.

After students read their books and return them, media personnel quarantine the books for seven (7) days in accordance with CDC guidance for this type of material. It requires the library staff to process the book twice, checking it out for the quarantine period to a fictional user; this frees up the student account to make additional requests, but makes the book unavailable until the quarantine period is over.

Other schools, including our middle schools, are also delivering books to our students in their classrooms, some even twice a day. Our high schools have pick-up stations where students can get the books they have placed on hold. While this is not the library experience we would like our students to have, we are pleased that so many are still reading. We are also working diligently with our partners in the Live Oaks Public Libraries to provide additional services and programs to our students. More information about this program, Pines Library Access for Youth or PLAY, will be shared at a later date.

Bessie the book bovine Bessie the Bovine