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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we wanted to remind our students and their families that our school counselors are available, so please reach out to your school if you need support. Counselor information can be found on any of our school websites. 

There are also some simple things that every person can say or do to help those who are struggling through tough times. Here are Seven Super Skills to help a friend in need.

7 Super Skills to Help a Friend in Need

1. Calmness comforts your friend in a time of need.
2. Honesty encourages your compadre to trust you.
3. Non-Judgmental Attitude creates a safe space for your chum.
4. Empathy shows that you really care.
5. Resourcefulness gives your buddy ideas on where to get help.
6. Reassuring makes your amigo feel like things are going to be Ok.
7. Encouraging helps your mate get help and support.