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ECSD Status Update: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - March 20, 2020

I hope and pray that everyone is following the recommended guidelines established to help us stay healthy during the Coronavirus outbreak. As we continue to move through these uncharted waters, you are to be commended
for having that “can do” attitude which fuels the American Spirit of success and survival.

This week, Governor Kemp ordered all public schools closed in Georgia through March 31. Upon our scheduled return on April 1, only three days of school would remain before our week of Spring Break. Based on these facts, the Effingham County School System will continue to be closed until students and teachers can return on April 13. This return date is tentative based on current information.

Learning opportunities for students will continue until Friday, April 3, after which, everyone will have a week of Spring Break, free of additional learning assignments.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! 



Dr. Randy Shearouse

ECSD Superintendent