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CRC Announces New Registration Procedures

Beginning June 3, 2019, Effingham County Schools will begin taking registration applications using our new online registration tool. In an effort to make the registration process more streamlined for parents and staff members, it is now possible for parents to fill out most registration documents through our online application process. These new procedures will cut down on the length of appointment times and enable parents to gather and enter registration information during a time that is convenient for them.

While the online application procedures still require an appointment, the amount of time parents spend filling out paperwork will be greatly reduced by using the online application. Parents expecting to register students during the summer are encouraged to view our Central Registration Center website as well as our online registration help page to become familiar with the steps that need to be taken in order for the registration process to be complete. Registration requirements - such as proof of residency and student identification documents - have not changed.

By registering online, parents will be providing the same information as they would when filling out paper applications. The differences are that parents now have the convenience of completing the application when it is convenient for them and the application must be submitted before an appointment has been scheduled.

If a parent does not have access to a computer for the online application process, s/he can use one of the laptops at Central Registration to submit the application. When making the appointment, there will be an opportunity for a parent to note that s/he will be arriving early to the appointment to use a laptop. Central Registration will have attendants on hand to assist should a parent need help with the application process.

One of the best features about the online registration process is that it allows the user to save progress as needed. The system will notify the user when required questions have not been answered and an application cannot be submitted until all areas have been addressed. This helps to ensure that Central Registration staff can process the application without having to contact parents prior to the registration appointment.

The online registration system was piloted during this year’s Pre-K registration season with great success. Parents were encouraged to submit applications prior to their Pre-K appointments so that staff members had more time to discuss the needs of the children with their parents. The new system enabled faster processing of parent information and helped reduce the amount of time parents spent filling out paperwork.

Parents who are new to the county and need to make registration appointments after May 31st should visit the link below and ensure that the application has been submitted at least 24 hours prior to the appointment date. On or after June 3, parents with students already registered in the county can use Parent Portal to register their new students. For more information, visit our Central Registration Help Center website.

Central Registration Center website