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Parent Portal Has Two New Apps

Dear parents and students of Effingham County,

We are excited to inform you that Infinite Campus has released two apps for parents and students. The Campus Portal app (the app you now use for Parent Portal on your mobile device) will be replaced with two new and improved mobile apps: Campus Student (for students) and Campus Parent (for parents). These apps will carry the same features as the other apps, but the information available will be targeted to each set of users.

We encourage you to download these new apps at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to work together to provide the best possible educational opportunities for your children.


Before following these instructions, please review the frequently asked questions area below (particularly the technical requirements) to see if you might encounter any issues with these apps.

  • Search the Apple Store or Google Play for Campus Parent or Campus Student.

Campus Parent App Icon

Campus Student App Icon



  • When the app has installed, open it to begin the one-time setup process.
  • When prompted, enter “Effingham” for the District Name and select “Georgia” for the state.
  • Select our district from the search results to continue.
  • Enter your username and password at the login screen.
    • For parents, this will be the parent username and password provided by the school or at the time of registration.
    • For students, this will be the student number and password that they currently use to log in to the app.

Please update your app soon as the old app will not be supported after this summer.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between these new mobile apps and the previous Parent Portal mobile app?
In the past, parents and students were able to use the same mobile app for accessing assignments, grades, and other academic information. Now, notifications can be customized so that students can get updated they way they want and parents can continue getting notifications in the ways that work best for them. Each app carries a certain set of tools targeted to that specific user which help to enhance the education efforts of students, teachers, and parents.

Campus Student Portal is a new version of the Campus Portal designed specifically for students. It includes enhanced features to make it more useful for students, including a responsive design optimized for use on mobile devices and tablets. Additional tools will be added to Campus Student in the coming months, but currently Campus Student only includes tools designed for students. Parents should not expect to see to see information targeted to them in the Campus Student app.

View the tools and options available in Campus Student

In similar fashion, Campus Parent Portal is the new version of Campus Portal that is targeted to parents. It still allows parents to switch between students and stay updated with school announcements, attendance, and schedule changes. Current features seen in Parent Portal are more streamlined in Campus Parent.

View the tools and options available in Campus Parent

What about the desktop version?
The desktop link will currently remain the same, however; you are able to switch to the new Campus Parent app by accessing the tab in the top right area of the desktop Parent Portal website:

Campus Parent Desktop Tab Location

 We will update all Parent Portal website links to the new version just before the Christmas break, after parents and students have had time to download the new apps.

Will I need a new username or password?
No, your username and password will remain the same. If you are not sure of your username or password, please use the “Forgot” tools located underneath “Sign In” on the Parent Portal homepage. You will need the recovery email address that was entered when your account was first set up. We kindly request that you use this tool first before contacting school staff for username or password assistance. If you have failed to enter your username and password correctly, after a few missed attempts you will see a CAPTCHA. Enter the letters and numbers in addition to the correct username and password to regain access to your account.

What are the technical requirements for these apps?
The updated version requires iOS 8+ and Android 2.3+. Depending on the device and OS version you are using, you may or may not be asked for a District ID. In the event that you are asked to provide an ID for Effingham County, please use the code: PGYWXS.

What will happen if I keep using the current Parent Portal app?
The app you are using right now will no longer be supported after the end of this school year. We cannot provide support for parents who continue to use the old app after the 2018-19 school year is over.

What if there are features I use in the current app that are not in the new apps?
Campus is actively working to roll all features over to the new apps as soon as possible. But if there is something you find missing in the new app, you can continue to use the current app until the new app has the features you need.