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    Dr. Ford
  • Welcome

    The Effingham County School District is excited to welcome all staff and students back to the in-person classroom setting for the 2021-22 school year. This time last year, the school district opened its doors in response to COVID by providing both face-to-face and virtual classroom options to meet the needs of our students and families. While there is no denying the value of the virtual classroom setting, we know that it simply cannot rival the academic and social benefits of the in-person model. Face-to-face instruction offers students the opportunity to get extra support from teachers, allows for rich hands-on learning experiences, and provides a healthy social setting for forming and maintaining connections with peers. In short, we are thrilled to get back to business as usual, and we will do so while maintaining necessary measures to prevent the ongoing spread of COVID.

    As you are aware, the pandemic has forced entities across the world to reevaluate many of their standard practices and adapt to new approaches. The Effingham County school system is no exception. One critical area in which we have made great strides this past year is communication. The necessary push for virtual communication platforms prompted our school district to strengthen our current systems and embrace additional resources to connect with stakeholders. Prior to the pandemic, information outlets included the Parent Portal, district Facebook page, and district website. However, in the past twelve months, we have:

    • enhanced our district website with a new format for easier navigation,
    • added the Urgent News Center link and COVID-19 Dashboard for updated COVID statistical data,
    • initiated a live-stream option for public viewing of Board meetings,
    • launched a weekly newsletter for employees directly from the office the Superintendent,
    • created an ECSD News & Media YouTube channel,
    • partnered with PeachJar for the quick and easy distribution of school and community event information,
    • linked Remind.com to the Parent Portal to allow for two-way communication between home and school, and
    • added a Communications Specialist to oversee and enhance our communication efforts

    If there is one thing we have learned from the past twelve months, it is that communication truly is key for maintaining connections and building positive relationships. The Effingham County School District is committed to continue this healthy exchange of ideas and information and to provide the best possible educational experiences to the children of this community. Thank you for entrusting your children to the teachers and staff of this wonderful school system and for working alongside us we enter this new school year!

    Yancy J. Ford
    Dr. Yancy Ford, ECSD Superintendent

Last Modified on September 23, 2021