• Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.
    – G. K. Chesteron

    “Tradition with a Vision” is the gift box in which we deliver to our students the wisdom and knowledge to succeed in all aspects of life. We believe that with emerging technologies we can redefine the method of teaching without sacrificing the core values that make Effingham County one of the fastest-growing counties in Southeast Georgia. By incorporating the latest teaching tools and embracing the use of online media we strive to keep students on a path that leads to personal and professional achievement. Our conservative approach to social engagement and appearance works to strengthen the familiarity with a workplace environment, further preparing students to become comfortable in today’s post-secondary or professional surroundings.
    High school is a time for students to act on their understanding of who they are and where they want to go in life. Our freshman academies are sections of each high school dedicated to ninth-grade students. The use of these academies allows freshman to become accustomed to the high school environment while taking core classes with other students in the same grade. Extracurricular activites are designed to further support student interaction, problem-solving and cooperation skills. Multiple levels of assistance are provided for improvement, no matter the achievement level of the student. Students who have chosen a pathway will attend required classes, while those who are undecided will be given the opportunity to explore interesting fields of study.
    We have two high schools and a college and career academy spread across the county, and each one is dedicated to encouraging responsible study habits and supporting the transition from middle to high school. Please use this area as a resource for articles and information for your middle school student.
    If your child has just recently started attending one of our schools, be sure to review the following:
    If you are new to the area, please visit our Newcomers section which has a wealth of information about Effingham County. You can also visit our Directories & Maps area for PDF files that will assist you in determining which school your child will attend this year.
Last Modified on June 21, 2021