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School Board

Effingham County Schools are governed by a five-member board, responsible for setting system-wide school policies designed to deliver the best possible education to each child. These policies govern budgetary, facility and personnel resources, as well as the students, faculty, and staff at each school. School board policies also ensure that the local schools comply with state and federal laws.  

Board members are elected from five militia districts and consider themselves servants of all Effingham County school children and their parents, representing the best interest of all citizens and the 15 public schools currently operating in the district.  

School board members are elected every two years on a staggered basis, to hold four-year terms. Mrs. Vickie Decker is currently serving as Chairman and Mrs. Lynn Anderson as Vice-Chair. 

Board members, as part of their service, expect to hear from constituents regarding school-related issues. Parents and individuals who seek information regarding their own children's unique circumstances are asked to review the policies contained in the appendix, speaking first with their children's teachers and then the school principal before contacting other administrative personnel and/or board members.  

Board Members 2020

School Board Members L to R:
Back: Chair Vickie Decker, Jan Landing, Vice Chair Lynn Anderson, Front: Ben Johnson, Lamar Allen, Dr. Yancy Ford 

Board Members