• Quarantine FAQ

    For additional guidance, please contact Assistant Superintendent Tim Hood at 912-754-6491.

    Quarantine for people with no symptoms - infogram

  • If someone is vaccinated for COVID-19, do they still need to quarantine?

  • How will my student stay up-to-date with their school work?

  • I don't have internet access at home.

  • My student tested positive for COVID-19, but had no symptoms. When can they return to school?

  • My student was symptomatic and tested for COVID. Can they return to school without test results if they are feeling better?

  • When can my COVID positive student return to school?

  • What does “close contact” mean?

  • My student is quarantined for possible exposure. Does the whole family need to quarantine?

  • How long will my student's quarantine last?

  • Are results from a rapid test accepted as proof for a 7 day quarantine?

  • When does quarantine start for non-household exposures?

  • When does quarantine start for household exposures?

  • From Georgia DPH concerning quarantining after already testing positive:

Last Modified on March 10, 2021