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Veterans Essay Winners

Veterans Essay Winners
Veteran's Essay Winners, Dr. Ford, VFW members, Calen Castellanos, Kai-Alee Carby, Mason L. Jarvi, Nick Exley


Effingham County School District, in collaboration with the VFW, invites you to join us in celebrating the achievements of our Veterans Essay Winners. These individuals have demonstrated outstanding dedication and reverence toward our nation's veterans through their insightful essays. Their contributions inspire others to express gratitude for the sacrifices made by our esteemed veterans. 


"Patriot's Pen" Essay Contest Winners

  • Calen Castellanos, Ebenezer Middle
  • Kai-Alee Carby, South Effingham Middle


"Voice of Democracy" Essay Contest Winners

  • Mason L. Jarvi, South Effingham High, 1st Place
  • Nathaniel West, South Effingham High, 2nd Place
  • Bhakti Patel, South Effingham High, 3rd Place
Veteran's Essay Winners, Dr. White, VFW veteran, Nathaniel West, Bhakti Patel


Citizenship Teacher Award

  • Nick Exley, Effingham College & Career Academy





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