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First District RESA AP Collaborative Planning Day

First District RESA AP Collaborative Planning Day


AP Planning Day

Advanced Placement teachers spanning from the 16 county First District RESA accepted an invitation to collaborate with AP teachers from Effingham County Wednesday, November 29, 2023, on the campus of the Effingham College and Career Academy.

“Many of the high schools in our RESA are like us with only one teacher in a given AP course at their schools, which makes collaboration difficult. We wanted to offer an opportunity for AP teachers in like-courses to benefit from sharing each other's successes and struggles to create the best possible outcomes for our AP students,” said Tammy Jacobs, ECSD Testing Coordinator.

This professional learning opportunity emerged as a strategy in Effingham’s district AP Improvement Plan, which targets increasing students’ potential for acquiring college credit by earning a qualifying score on AP exams.

According to a report by Georgia Public Broadcasting, Georgia’s 2022 senior cohort ranked 15th in the nation for AP exam pass rates. For Georgia specifically, 150,763 exams were completed last year with 62% earning qualifying scores, according to the Georgia Department of Education.

The College Board, who administers the program, said this could be a $91 million savings on college costs for Georgia parents and students.

“As far as I know, this is the first time an AP collaborative planning day like this has taken place in our RESA, and based on the feedback from participants, we hope it is not the last,” said Jacobs.

Guided by a list of questions and governed by a timer, AP teachers authentically discussed course goals for the year, use of AP Classroom, effective instructional and assessment strategies, strengths and areas of growth in content, and AP Exams.

FDRESA Collaborative Planning for AP Teachers

A participating teacher from a neighboring district said, “This was one of the better professional development sessions I’ve attended in a long time. Having the time to share resources, strategies, and assessment tools with my regional colleagues was more beneficial than I had anticipated.”

AP courses guarantee rigor in our classrooms, and with continued development, more and more of our students will be better prepared for the demands of post-secondary education opportunities, and hopefully, defer some college expenses.

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