• Great Students and Parents + Dedicated Staff = Success


    By Cheryl Christain, Former Principal @ SEES 


    At South Effingham Elementary School, students come first.  To make certain this occurs, our entire school family, including teachers/staff members, parents, and administrators, work together to provide the best possible educational environment for our students.


    A feature that one might notice when visiting our school is the level of parent involvement that is obvious within our building.  Since we know that parents are their children’s most important teachers, we enlist their help in working with not only their own children, but with other students within our school as well.  We believe that involving our parents from the very beginning is a critical component in the success of our total school program.


    Based on our test results, our challenging academic program is clearly meeting the needs of our students.  In fact, since the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement (GOSA) implemented the Single Statewide Achievement Award Program for schools four years ago, South Effingham Elementary, because of having at least 95% of all students meeting or exceeding standards, has received awards each year!   Last year, we were excited to receive our first Gold Award for high student achievement.


    Each morning, happy faces enter our building ready to learn from some of the most dedicated professionals in the business. Our media center, which is central to our learning environment, is one of the busiest places around.  Peggy Helmly, along with her media staff and volunteers, develop and implement numerous creative programs that support and extend what the students are learning in the classroom. Due to their dedication, during the summer of 2008, our media center received an award entitled “Georgia Exceptional Media Center”; an honor of which we were extremely proud. 


    Since it is important that students benefit from the vast technological world, we have been focused on adding Interactive Boards in our classrooms   We began this endeavor about six years ago, and thanks to continued contributions from our PTO, our local board of education, and proceeds from our school picture sales, we are implementing our plan more quickly than we ever thought possible.  This year for the first time, we will have Interactive Boards in every classroom in our school.


    At South Effingham Elementary, our young Mustangs are building a great foundation for their educational future.  With the ongoing support of our parents and the consistent hard work of our students and teachers, we look forward to continued success in meeting the continually evolving and demanding academic goals that will enable our students to become accomplished and productive citizens.
Last Modified on September 7, 2018