• Rincon Elementary School 

    Tradition + Technology = Motivated Students


    By:  Dr. Paige C. Dickey


          Rincon Elementary School (RES) has been recognized as a Georgia Title I Distinguished School for nine years in a row.  RES is full of excited and talented children and educators.  Rincon Elementary has fantastic parental involvement and a very active PTO.  There are many great programs at RES in addition to the wonderful daily instruction offered by all teachers.  Enrichment and acceleration as well as remediation is offered at every grade level.
    The teachers at RES engage their students in meaningful and interesting lessons across the curriculum.  Rincon Elementary’s current focus is on increasingly incorporating technology into the classroom for everyday lessons. All students in grades K- 5 have interactive classrooms.  Students have access to the internet as a whole group and can answer questions and do work via technology devices at their desks.  This is proving to be extraordinarily motivating for the students at RES.
    Rincon Elementary teachers are focused on teaching students the basic academics as well as offering them enriching activities.  RES offers CRCT nights so that parents can come to the school and learn what they can do to help their students excel on the CRCT in the spring.  Guidance is given to the parents about technology and web sites that can be used at home to prepare for the CRCT. 
       Outside of the basic academic courses, Rincon students each perform in a chorus presentation during the year.  For 4th and 5th grade students, the Rincon Elementary Chorus is a great place to learn about music and have fun too.  The RES Chorus produces two Chorus Concerts per year and they are always fabulous!  
    Rincon Elementary is steeped in tradition, the most popular of which is the Rincon Elementary School May Day. May Day is an annual event when Rincon Elementary comes together with the community to celebrate the beginning of spring.  At the May Day Celebration, princes and princesses are chosen, a May Day Queen is crowned, and a variety of dances are performed by all grade levels for the parents and community members.  The dances culminate with the 5th grade performing the traditional May Day Dance that includes the wrapping of the May Poles.  This is a great day full of fun and celebration.  May Day demonstrates that Rincon Elementary School Students not only excel academically, but they are also taught that they are a vital part of their community.  Through community-school events such as May Day, the students learn to appreciate the community, and they learn that the community values and appreciates them.  It is a great day for everyone involved!  
    At Rincon Elementary our mission is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to receive a quality education through the teaching of essential skills, knowledge, and concepts while encouraging students to be problem solvers who produce quality work.  We are very proud of our students and all that they achieve on a daily basis.