• Breakfast & Lunch

    Food Services at EES are based on operational guidelines established by federal, state and local officials.  Prices for meals are as follows:







    Reduced Breakfast






    Reduced Lunch



    Visitors to the school pay $4.25 for lunches.  Milk with sack lunch from home cost $0.60.

    Meals may be paid for by the day or parents may pre-pay for meals, either by the week or for longer periods of time.

    While school food guidelines require that each child receive a carton of milk with their meal, some students are not tolerant of milk.  When food substitutions are necessary due to a student's medical condition, school food service personnel will work with parents to make those changes, based on a written statement from a recognized medical authority, such as the child's physician.  Those statements must include information identifying the nature of the problem, and include a list of foods that should be omitted from the child's diet along with appropriate substitutions.

Last Modified on August 17, 2018