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Frequently Asked Questions

Are uniforms required for pre-k students?  No, uniforms are not required in pre-k.

Are pre-k students expected to follow the school district's dress code policy? The dress code is relaxed for pre-k students.  If a teacher or school administrator has a concern about the child's clothing, you will be contacted for a conversation to address the concern. The dress code policy requires that all students, including pre-k, wear "fully closed-back shoes" for the safety of the student.  

What supplies should families provide for pre-k?  Clear or mesh book bag, small blanket for nap time and an extra set of clothing. (Please label all items)

What is the age requirement for pre-k?  Children must be 4 years old prior to September 1 of the current school year. 

I may have questions about the cleaning/sanitizing plan for the classroom. Who should I contact with questions? Please be assured that a great amount of effort has been made by the school district to create a district-wide cleaning and sanitizing plan. In addition, each school has integrated this district plan with specific school-based plans. Contact your child's school for specific questions regarding cleaning/sanitizing. Each school team has included the pre-k classroom in the school's plan.