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Employee Mental Health

The Effingham County School District (ECSD) is committed to supporting the mental health of its employees. The district offers a variety of resources and programs to help employees manage stress, cope with challenges, and maintain their overall well-being.

ECSD also has a strong culture of support and collaboration. Employees are encouraged to talk to their supervisors, colleagues, and other trusted individuals about their mental health needs. 

ECSD's commitment to supporting employee mental health is evident in its variety of resources and programs, as well as its strong culture of support and collaboration. By providing its employees with the support they need, ECSD is able to create a healthy and productive work environment.

Horizon Behavioral Health: Rincon, GA (912) 785-2100
Gateway Community Service Board

  • Gateway Behavioral Health: Springfield, GA (912) 754-3030

  • Gateway Mental Health Center: Springfield, GA (1-800-715-4225)

Coastal Harbor Health Systems: Savannah, GA 844-657-2638
Lakeside Center Crisis Stabilization Program: Bloomingdale, GA  (912) 330-8335
Saint Simons By The Sea: St. Simons Island, GA  888-402-8949
Mobile Crisis Center: 800-715-4225
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
Chatham County Safety Net Planning Council
Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities
Mental Health America of Georgia (MHA)