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Peachjar s Upload File Requirements

Please ensure your flyer meets the following guidelines before uploading it to Peachjar:

  • Must be in PDF format.
    • If your file is not in PDF format, here is how you can convert it:
      • In Google Docs, Drawing, Slides*
        • go to 'File'
        • select 'Download'
        • select 'PDF Document'

        * If you have multiple slides, this will generate a multi-page PDF document

        In Microsoft Word
        • go to 'File'
        • click 'Save as Adobe PDF
        In Adobe Photoshop
        • go to 'File'
        • select 'Save As'
        • select 'Photoshop PDF' from the dropdown menu
        • click 'Save'
        In Adobe InDesign
        • go to 'File'
        • select 'Export'
        • choose 'Adobe PDF' from the dropdown menu
        • click 'Save'
  • Cannot exceed 50 MB in file size.
  • Must be 1-4 pages in length.
  • For best results, create your flyer on an 8.5" x 11" document in portrait orientation.
  • In order to make your flyer more accessible to screen readers, embedded links cannot be supported. Instead, use our call-to-action buttons to include your links.
  • If you are providing your flyer in multiple languages, merge the flyers together into a single PDF with English on the first page using

Additionally, please carefully review ECSD flyer guidelines to expedite the flyer approval process and to make sure your flyer is in compliance with district-specific requirements.

Have questions? Contact Peachjar.