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Kindergarten Registration

2023-24 Kindergarten Registration

Early kindergarten applications will be processed by Central Registration during the following dates: 

Tuesday, February 7, 2023 - Thursday, April 27, 2023   

*While it is highly recommended that you register for 23-24 kindergarten during this time frame, it is not required. However, please understand that not applying during this time frame may result in your child being unable to start kindergarten on the first day of school (depending on how late you submit your application).*                                                                

Parents with Students Currently Enrolled in Pre-K or on the Pre-K Waiting List

Parents who have students either currently enrolled in Pre-K or on the Pre-K Waiting List and wish to roll them up to Kindergarten for the next school year need to contact their student's school to determine if any required documents (such as Proof of Residency, Immunizations, or EED) are missing and need to be provided. You do not need to visit Central Registration to complete any enrollment requirements if your child is already enrolled in the Pre-K program or on the waiting list.

If your child is not currently attending a Pre-K program based in one of our schools or on our Pre-K Waiting List, you must follow the standard procedures for Kindergarten registration outlined below.

Kindergarten Readiness

It is not clear at this time whether or not Kindergarten Readiness will be conducted for the upcoming school year. Please review the school and district websites for more information on readiness appointments.


Process for registering upcoming Kindergarten students

The process for registering upcoming Kindergarten students includes an online application with the required documents uploaded. Registration will notify you by email/phone to give you an update on your registration status. 

NOTE: These procedures only apply to first-time Kindergarten students NOT currently participating in an Effingham County BOE Pre-K program or site-based Effingham County BOE Preschool Intervention program. Students participating in a community-based Effingham County BOE Preschool Intervention program are required to register for Kindergarten at the Central Registration Center.

  1. Be sure to review the required documents and upload all items to your online application. If you have an appointment to complete an application at Central Registration, you may bring these forms with you.    
  2. Complete an online application by visiting the Central Registration Center website. Be sure to choose "23-24 (Next) Year" for the registration year to begin your Kindergarten application.
  3. If you have questions about your online application, please email the registration office at

  4.  If your child's immunizations are not current or were last issued in another state, call to schedule an appointment with your child's healthcare provider or the Effingham County Health Department. Be sure to call for immunization appointments at least 2-3 weeks in advance to ensure that your child's immunizations are received prior to your registration appointment.

  5. All first-time Kindergarten students are required to have a Certificate of Ear, Eye, Dental, and Nutritional Screening. You may choose to have your child's health care provider conduct this exam, or the exam may also be completed at the Effingham County Health Department. The Health Department charges $30 for this exam. Please note that many physicians will not complete the dental portion of the screening, and will require an additional dental appointment, whereas the Health Department will complete the entire exam including the dental portion.

Kindergarten Registration and School Choice 

Please visit the School Choice page for more information concerning application dates and closed schools. Applications for School Choice for upcoming Kindergarten students will not be accepted if the student hasn't been registered or scheduled an appointment for Kindergarten registration.  All Kindergarten Readiness screenings, if required, will occur at the school for which your residence is zoned.

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