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Welcome to the Finance Section. We are dedicated to providing information helpful for financial applications and guidance for submitting paperwork, reports, and requests to the appropriate member of the Finance Department.

Ron Wilson

P:  (912) 754-5885
F:  (912) 754-5642

  • CPA, CGFA - Director of Finances

Kathy Morgan

(912) 754-5620

  • Backup Documentation for Requisition/Purchase Orders
  • Budget Transfer Requests
  • Classroom Furniture Requests
  • Custodial Supply Orders
  • MUNIS Password Resets or Lockouts
  • Questions Regarding Amazon Orders through MUNIS
  • Requisition Cancellation/Modification*
  • RESA Online Items Questions
  • Munis Password Resets or Lockouts

Lynne Ross

(912) 754-2505

  • MUNIS Student Activities Program Administration
  • Munis Password Resets or Lockouts

Linda Miles

(912) 754-2517

  • Invoices for MUNIS orders
  • Packing Slips
  • Questions regarding MUNIS Orders/Deliveries (not Amazon)
  • Requisition Cancellation/Modification*
  • Accounts Receivable

*Only Submit Requisition/Purchase Order Cancellation or Modification to either Linda Miles or Kathy Morgan, but not both.

Corie Jeffers

Renee Zittrauer

(912) 754-6491 ext 1192