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“Bridging the Gap Between the Home, School and Community”

Parent University-Effingham is a non-profit community collaborative that provides free learning sessions designed to assist parents in supporting their children to achieve in school and life. The sessions focus on child development, what children are learning in school, advocacy, parent leadership, effective parenting skills, and personal growth and development. 

Topics include the following:
🔵Georgia Milestones Assessment System Update
🟡Financial Aid for Colleges and Universities
🟠Social Media Safety 
🔵First Aid and CPR and lots more 

Program Features

*Classes/workshops designed for ALL parents or caregivers of children enrolled in grades Pre-K – 12.

*Sessions that meet the needs of all who are interested in helping children. 

*Enrichment Sessions to enhance the lives of participants who do not have children in their care.

*Academically Focused Classes to improve student achievement and strengthen the family unit.

*CORE Classes that teach, inform, update and/or clarify specific subject matter relevant to the home, school, and community. 

*Kidz Academy and Youth Leadership Classes that are age appropriate with a curriculum that utilizes Scientifically Research-Based Practices.

*Offers learning activities at no cost to participants. 

* Currently operating a hybrid model due to concerns for the safety of staff and families, the following events are planned:
     Drive-thru Resource Fairs
     Emergency Training
     Small Group Face-to-Face Sessions   

2023-2024 Schedule (All Saturday Sessions)

Registration begins at 8:00 a.m.
Workshops are: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. 
Fall Session - September 16, 2023 *Cancelled Due to Personal/Family Illness
Winter Session Hosted by Guyton Elementary  School - January 20, 2024 
Spring Session Hosted by Rincon Elementary School - March 23, 2024
Drive-thru Resource Fairs – TBA
Georgia Milestones Preparation -TBA

Parent University Effingham

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Why be involved?

Research shows that when parents participate in their children’s education, the children do better in school and life. 

Parent University- Effingham provides opportunities for parents to sharpen their parenting skills, gain a better understanding of what their children are learning, and become full partners in the education of their children; as well as help parents grow personally and professionally.

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