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    Erin Wright
    English / Language Arts
    Program Director
    Room Number: 701
    912.754.5610 (tel)
    912.754.5611 (fax)
    Course ID Course Name Time Location
    23.0620060-1 10th Grade Lit/Comp (R) Zero Period ECCA 701
    23.0520060-11 British Literature (R) 1st/2nd Period ECCA 701
    23.0620060-21 10th Grade Lit/Comp (R) 3rd Period ECCA 701
    23.0530062-31 Advanced Placement Language and Composition 4th Period/5th period ECCA 701
    23.0650062-41 Advanced Placement Literature and Composition 6th Period ECCA 701


     If you have questions, you
    may contact Mrs. Erin Wright at ewright@effingham.k12.ga.us.
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