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    Optimizing Achievement of Students through Informed Stakeholders

    Thank you for visiting OASIS, the data dashboard for Effingham County Schools. We hope that all stakeholders will find that these resources and reports provide informative information regarding the performance of Effingham County schools. This site is under construction, so please anticipate changes to the format and content of this site over the next several months as we add additional information.

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    Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)
    This link redirects to the 2008-2009 AYP results for Effingham County Schools. You may also select individual schools to display school-specific AYP reports.

    This is a locally developed tool that allows you to access information about AYP performance of the district or individual schools on selected assessments, compared with state performance. This tool also allows you to display results for specified AYP subgroups.
    School District Report Card
    This link redirects to the Effingham County School District Report Card. This annual report provides a variety of information including demographics (students & staff), academic achievement on various assessments, and program participation rates. Three years of data are displayed on most areas of the report.

    Graduation Rates
    This is a locally developed tool that displays the 2009-2010 graduation rates for Effingham County High School, South Effingham High School, and Effingham County (district-wide). This tool also allows you to display results for specified AYP subgroups.
    Comparison Tools
    Both of these external sites allow you to compare schools and/or school districts. These are excellent resources for those working on school improvement goals who wish to research the performance of other schools. School Data Direct has a tool that allows you to search for 'better performing schools' who meet specified criteria.
    Effingham County Population Statistics
    This resource is published by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs and pulls together information about Effingham County from a variety of sources. This is an excellent research site.

    Provides information about the population and other characteristics of Effingham County.



Last Modified on January 15, 2010