• The following areas of music are addressed at each grade level in weekly instruction


    Music Appreciation:                 

    ª     exposure to a variety of styles of music            

    ª     respect for other cultures and their music


    Music History:

    ª     introduction to famous composers and their music

    ª     awareness of the impact of historical events on the evolution of music


    Music Fundamentals:

    ª     the teaching of rhythm, beat, timbre and pitch

    ª     experienced through singing, folk dancing, and playing of instruments 


    Note Reading:

    ª     the reading and writing of music on the staff

    ª     age appropriate knowledge of musical signs and symbols

    ª     4th and 5th grade instrumental instruction on recorders (flute-like pre-band instruments).


    The music teacher for RES is Kimberly Bazemore.