• Effingham County School District uses

    Infinite Campus Parent Portal

    for parent communication and student information.

    What is Infinite Campus Parent Portal?
    Infinite Campus Parent Portal allows parents real-time access to student schedules, grades, and attendance via a secure login. The most popular component of Parent Portal is the ability for parents to access detailed assignments and grades for their students as they are entered by teachers.

    How do I Get Access to Parent Portal?
    To obtain your login information, call any Effingham County School at which you have child(ren) enrolled and ask to speak to the data clerk about setting up a Parent Portal account. After confirming guardianship status, the data clerk will establish an account for you. You will be required to present a photo identification at the front office in order to pick up your login information.

    How is Parent Portal different from Student Portal ?
    There is essentially no difference in the information displayed on Student Portal and Parent Portal except that Parent Portal allows a parent to access information on all students for whom he or she is a guardian with one user name and password. If you only have one child and don’t mind sharing a user name and password with your child, you are welcome to access your child’s information via their Portal login rather than requesting a separate Parent Portal account. If, however, you have multiple children in the school district, you will likely appreciate the functions of Parent Portal that allow you to use a single login to see a consolidated calendar view of your students’ assignments and grades.

    Who Do I Contact with Questions About Parent Portal Access?
    Please call your child’s school and ask to speak to the Data Clerk if you have questions about Infinite Campus access.