Grand Canyon with my husband

Hello my wonderful 6th grade math students!! Our math classroom is up and running. Thank you for all of your emails and pictures. I am here for you and your parents if yall need anything. If you have lost or do not have your packets you can find them on the 6th grade page of my webpage. Please continue to check this page as I am going to have Google classroom and Quizizz up and running soon.


    • Math Symbol Clock        

      Homeroom 8:25 - 8:30

        First Period 8:34 - 9:24 

      Data Time

      Second Period 9:27 - 10:17

      Planning Time

      Third Period 10:20 - 11:27


      Fourth Period 11:30 - 1:15

       Math/Lunch @ 11:50

      Fifth Period 1:18 - 2:25


      Sixth Period 2:28 - 3:35