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    Name: Melissa Griffis
    Email Address: mgriffis@effingham.k12.ga.us
    Phone number: 754-7757

         Welcome to World Geography! This year we will be examining various regions of the world including Europe, Canada, Australia, and Latin America. For the first few weeks we will focus on some basic geography skills and then move on to more in-depth studies of the regions. Throughout the year we will learn about the physical geography, environment, culture, government and economy of Europe, Canada, Australia, and Latin America.
             In World Geography students will keep a notebook with all of their graded and nongraded work in it. Notebooks will be graded periodically. Students will not be given homework on a regular basis except for a weekly review sheet that will be given out every Monday and will be due on Friday. These weekly review sheets will begin after we have completed the first few weeks of school. Occasionally students will need to complete work at home that is not completed in class. Students should study their vocabulary words for each unit along with the notes taken in class to prepare for tests.
         The only supplies students will need for World Geography are a binder, paper, and pens or pencils. The binder may be any type and can be used specifically for World Geography or for all subject areas.
         Please feel free to email me at the above address if you have any questions or wish to check on the progress of your child.