• 1st Nine Weeks

    Skill 1:

    • Graphing Integers
    • Comparing/Ordering
    • Absolute Value

    Prerequisite Skills

    Skill 2a:

    • Additive Inverse
    • Adding Integers with Counters

    Learning Targets

          1. Define and use additive inverserves

          2. Model integer addition with integer chips.

    Skill 2b:

    • Adding Integers - Number Lines

    Learning Target:  Model integer addition with number lines

    Skill 2c:

    • Adding Integers: Rules

    Learning Target:  Identify pattern(s) when adding integers and use those patterns to determine rules based on these patterns.

    Skill 2d:

    • Adding Integers: Mixed

    Learning Target: Use models/rules interchangeably to add integers

    Skill 3a: 

    • Subtracting Integers - Integer Chips

    Learning Target: Model subtraction of integers using integer chips. Show adding zero pairs.

    Skill 3b:

    • Subtracting Integers - Number Lines

    Learning Target: Rewrite subtraction problems as addition problems and model on a number line.

    Skill 4

    • Applications with addition and subtraction

    Learning Target: Use integer operations to solve problems

    Skill 5:

    • Multiplying and Dividing Integers

    Learning Target: Identify and use strategies that are most useful in helpting develop algorithms for adding, subtracting,

                             multiplying, and dividing positive and negative rational numbers.

    Skill 6:

    • Writing Fractions as Decimals: Repeating or Terminating

    Learning Target: Use the steps to convert a rational number to a decimal using long division

    Skill 7:

    • Debits and Credits

    Learning Target: Use integer operations to balance a checkbook.