Hello ! Welcome to Writing Connections!


    Name: Heather Cocke
    Email Address: hcocke@effingham.k12.ga.us
    Phone Number: 754-7757
    Planning Time: 10:18-11:32

    What is Writing Connections?

    Writing Connections is a blended learning environment. The objective is to promote mastery of Georgia Standards of Excellence in ELA through a differentiated environment full of opportunities for remediation, enrichment, creativity, self-efficacy, and ultimately, a love of learning that will create lifetime learners. The technology component will assist students with the skills necessary to become effective 21st-century learners and leaders.


    What do you mean by blended learning environment?

    In Writing Connections, students will work toward advancing individual writing skills regardless of current ability levels. In the blended model, students will achieve this through both teacher-led instruction and computer-based lessons.  Particularly advanced students will take part in a number of enrichment activities of their choosing. Ideas for possible enrichment activities will be provided to give some examples, but ultimately, students will take control of their learning and come up with creative ways to engage and interact with the material. Likewise, students with weaknesses may be asked to complete a specified number of remediation activities. Regardless of where the student is academically, the goal is to meet the student at his or her level and engage the learner in meaningful and creative ways to master the Georgia Standards of Excellence in English Language Arts.