• Hello students and parents.  Thank you for your time, patience and cooperation as we sail through these uncharted waters over the next couple of weeks.  We will use this time to review important material that we covered earlier in the year.  Here is a schedule for both Economics and AP Microeconomics to follow.  Should we be required to miss more time than we have scheduled, I will update this information at the necessary time. 

    2 Week Emergency Lesson Plans


    All work scheduled for Economics will be done via USA TestPrep.  Please let me know if you have any problems logging in and I will supply supplemental assignments here.

    Please know that I am available for questions as necessary and can be reached via email at amoore@effingham.k12.ga.us.  

    As you begin to think about life after high school, please know that we are not finished yet and there is much to be done to reach that wonderful moment in May when you walk across the stage and receive your diploma.  As such, I urge you now to "Keep Choppin'" and "Finish the Drill".  


    Allison Moore

    Name: Allison Moore
    Email Address: amoore@effingham.k12.ga.us
    Phone number: 754-6404
    Planning Period :