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  • The Effingham County Transportation team has been working all summer to implement new routes to safely deliver our students to and from their new schools.

    If your children will be riding the bus please take a minute to check their bus information on Elink by clicking here



    You will need your students ID number, which you can obtain from the parent portal located here. This number is also your students lunch number so they may know it if you ask them. You will need to use this number as your username ID and the password. You will then be able to see all of your students bus information. Their route may have changed but if the info is carrying them to the right location then the route is correct. If it is correct for the 18-19 school year you DO NOT need to do anything else except double check that the bus stop location and times are correct to the first day of school.

    If your needs have changed and you need a bus, and the information in Elink says car rider or something else then please complete this Survey. You only need to sign up for a bus if your child will ride more than 2 days per week. Please do not sign up for bus "just in case I need it later" this makes our buses look full to our software even though they are not. If you need a bus later in the year you will request the change with the school.

    As the school year approaches please continue to check Elink for your students bus information as stop times will continue to fluctuate as students enroll and sign up for the bus. For more information on the new school districts and our transportation program in general please utilize the links to the left.


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Last Modified on January 21, 2019