•  New school Year means Changes to BUS Routes!
    The Effingham County Student Transportation team is working diligently to get these route changes completed. Please check back with our Elink Service after July 29th to find your students bus route information.
    Effingham County Schools Bus
    Effingham County Pupil Transportation
    By the numbers
    • 121 Buses rolling every school day
    • 366 routes every day
    • 183 routes every morning and afternoon
    • 2901 miles in the morning
    • 3036 miles in the afternoon
    • Over 1 million miles per school year
    Our school buses are responsible for transporting 7652 students to school safely in the morning and 8322 safely home in the afternoon.
    Transportation Department
    196 Power Company Road • Springfield, GA  31329
    Phone: 754.3574 Fax: 754.3514
    Assistant Coordinator
    Eric Harris
    Administrative Assistant
    Transportation Clerk
    Field Trips
    Transportation Clerk
    Driver Trainer
Last Modified on September 8, 2020