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    The Teston Team (2021-2022)
    Mrs. D. Teston - Math, Mrs. Teston's Email
    Mrs. M. Lancaster - SS, Mrs. Lancaster's Email
    Mr. T. Norris   - ELA, Mr. Norris' Email
    Mrs. A. Fowler - Science, Mrs. Fowler's Email
    Welcome to the Teston Team! We are excited to start a new school year with you on our team.   Please frequently check teacher webpages for information about class assignments and assessments; feel free to email us anytime.  
    Are you checking and signing your child's planner EVERY NIGHT?  We expect each student to fill his/her planner each day in every class.  We need you to look it over and sign it each night.  Please feel free to write us a note if needed.  We will be looking at it each day.  Also, look for notes from the team; this is one of the tools that we use to communicate with students and parents.
Last Modified on August 3, 2021