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    Welcome to the Zettler Team.  We are glad you are on our team, and we will be communicating with the parents and students throughout the school year.  Please check our teacher web pages for information about a class assignment and assessments; feel free to email us anytime. 
    Are you checking and signing your child's planner EVERY NIGHT?  We expect each student to fill his/her planner each day in every class.  We need you to look it over and sign it each night.  Please feel free to write us a note if needed.  We will be looking at it each day.  Also, look for notes from the team; this is one of the tools that we use to communicate with students and parents.  
    Please check out our Supply List
    Mrs. T. Bruce, Math,  Mrs. Bruce's Email
    Mrs. J. Hutchison, ELA, Mrs. Hutchinson's Email
    Mrs. M. Lancaster, SS, Mrs. Lancaster's Email
    Mrs. M. Zettler, Science, Mrs. Zettler's Email 
    Teacher Web Pages:
Last Modified on March 17, 2020