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    Engineering and Technology 
    Name: Kelly W. Rahn
    Email Address: krahn@effingham.k12.ga.us

    Week 2 assignment is in Google Classroom under Classwork.  It is the same for all classes.   Hope you get your family involved with this activity.   Don't forget to turn in your data and the questions.  Send me pictures!!!!
    During the Shut down for ECMS, Students will need to work at home using Google Classroom.    The codes to log onto the classroom are:
    2nd Period:     5yafeaj   
      Complete the Scratch Assignment and turn it in by Thursday.
    3rd Period:      s2oty3s
    Complete the Scratch assignment and turn it in by Thursday.
    4th Period:      uuzibjr
    Complete the coding assignment and turn in by Thursday.
    5th Period:      iepuzcm
    Read the article and turn in answers to questions by Tuesday.
    6th Period:      t2fwgre
    Complete questions 1-4 and turn in by Thursday.
    7th Period:      w2nvlki
    Complete questions 1-4 and turn in by Thursday.
     If you don't have a snipping tool on your computer, here is a video that will help you download it.
    Engineering Games for kids:
    If your child does any of these, have them write a paragraph about what they learned and turn in to me.
       A link for Georgia Milestone Practice:
     Supplies Needed for this class:
    1/2" notebook with dividers that will stay in class
    Ear buds
    Colored Pencils
    Camera (can be on your phone)- not mandatory but helpful
    Wish List: Kleenex, glue sticks, Clorox Wipe(unscented) Lego Building 
    blocks (can be pieces).


    No retest this year!

    Tutoring available by appointment 






    Family Vacation 2011

    Hawaii at the Ranch where Jurassic Park was filmed.