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    Engineering and Technology 

    Name: Kelly W. Rahn
    Email Address: krahn@effingham.k12.ga.us

    TSA State Competition

    TSA State Competition

    Athens, GA 2019-2020


    1st period: 6th Virtual (Monday & Thursday)

    2nd Period: 6th Virtual (Tuesday & Friday)

    3rd Period: 7th Virtual (Monday & Thursday)

    4th Period: 7th Virtual (Tuesday & Friday)

    5th Period: 8th Virtual (Monday & Thursday)

    6th Period: 8th Virtual (Tuesday & Friday)

    Wednesday: Tutoring and Conferences/Meetings


    Welcome Video

      Welcome to the Class Slides


    Google Classroom and Remind will be ways of communicating this year.   More information will be coming on this.

     If you don't have a snipping tool on your computer, here is a video that will help you download it.
    Engineering Games for kids:
    If your child does any of these, have them write a paragraph about what they learned and turn in to me.
     Supplies Needed for this class:
    Ear buds/head phones (optional)
    Colored Pencils
    Camera (can be on your phone)- not mandatory but helpful
     Deck of cards
    Tape (duct or masking)
    *Save toilet paper and paper towel rolls to build with and begin looking for things that you can use in a building project (old CD cases, Video Cases, old books....)  








    Family Vacation 2011

    Hawaii at the Ranch where Jurassic Park was filmed.  

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