• Hello Parents and Students! Welcome to Mr. Sheridan's ECMS webpage!

    Name: Alan Sheridan, Educational Specialist
    Email Address: asheridan@effingham.k12.ga.us
    Phone number: School, 772-7001.
    7th Social Studies

    Hello Parents and Students! I teach 7th grade World Geography for the 2018-19 school year. . This year we are changing to the Junior High model so I and two other teachers will be together as a Social Studies depeartment. My room is 710. I also sponsor the [Historical] Miniatures Club on Thursdays. Please email me any time with questions or concerns at asheridan@effingham.k12.ga.us. My tutoring times will be Tuesdays after school until 4:30- please be prompt picking up your student.
    Please check my classroom and Miniatures Club Calendars and my homework page on my school website to keep track of events and assignments. I usually post dates of tests there with a study guide attached (as well as putting study guides on my homework page).
    We have continued our after school club History Club, the ECMS Historical Miniatures Gaming Club. We meet on Fridays, 3:45-7 PM in rooms 710/711. We are using rules and miniatures from Battlefront Miniatures Flames of War (www.flamesofwar.com) and Team Yankee (WW III) game system,  We will also open our game room to chess players and board game players that students play. High School alumni from our club are allowed to attend our meetings.
    We have one main fundraiser each year usually around September- October start time selling Yankee Candles. Please participate in this (wether or not your student is a club member or not. We will also sell World's Finest Chocolate bars after Christmas. It is very expensive to purchase these products and we spend our fundraising money wisely to increase our holdings every year.
    Fortunately, Battlefront Miniatures, USA supports us annually with some donated products to help out a bit.