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    The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it." ~James Bryce


    Mission Statement

      The mission of the Effingham County Middle School Media Center is to provide access to information and ideas for all users.  It affords opportunities for faculty, students, and staff to appreciate literature and the cultural arts, to learn creative thinking skills, to become independent seekers of information and ideas, and to use instructional and educational technology effectively so they may become independent, life-long learners and decision makers.

    The media center operates on a flexible schedule.  This allows access by teachers, students or small groups at the time of need or interest. Teachers are also encouraged to sign up to bring whole groups whenever time allows them .
    The media center is open to students from 8:05am until 3:30pm each day.

    Check Out Policy

    Students are encouraged to browse the collection and checkout books for curriculum support purposes and for pleasure reading.  They may check out 2 books over a 2 week period. Students are allowed to recheck books one additional time.   Fines are assessed on overdue books. The overdue charge is $.05 per day, excluding weekends, holidays, and absences. We also accept boxtops in place of fines.  Students can earn a five cent credit for each boxtop they turn in.  Students may request to be placed on a waiting lists for books they may want but are currently checked out of the media center.  Students who are frequently late with books and fines will not be allowed this privilege.   Students with overdue books and fines will be subject to missing activities such as Panther Palace and nine-week ending reward events if they do not comply with the media center procedures. If a book needs to be replaced because it is lost or damaged, the MINIMUM cost of the replacement book will be $10.00.  Students are not permitted to check out reference books, magazines, videos or equipment; however, teachers are permitted to checkout all materials including laptops, audio and video equipment, and Chromebooks.


    Computers in the media center provide access to Internet resources.  These resources supplement and enrich the media center collection by affording students and teachers access to academic libraries, museums, etc. The district's Internet Acceptable Use Policy dictates proper use of the Internet and includes provisions for parental permission for students to use the internet. All students are required to follow the policy if they use the internet. If students do not follow the district's IAU policy, it will be turned in as a discipline issue.  Students may use the computers in the library with a pass from their teacher provided the computers are not being used by other students.


    Marti Smith, Media Specialist


    Cindy Ragan, Media Clerk



Last Modified on February 25, 2022