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     A student who is Mustang Strong shows exemplary character in every area of the school building and throughout their school day. 

    At SEES, we have 3 expectations for the behavior of all students:

    Be Responsible

    Be Respectful

    Be Safe


    Being Responsible is all about integrity. Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Students who are Mustang Strong show responsibility by completing their work, staying on task, and listening to directions. 


    Being Respectful is using manners and being polite. Mustang Strong students respect themselves, respect others, and show respect for their property and the property of others.  It also means following voice level guidelines for the different areas and activities throughout the day. (click on the tab on the right to view the Voice Level chart)


    Being Safe means displaying self control and taking care not to get hurt or hurt others. This includes how to handle classroom materials, how to use playground equipment, and how to move from place to place in a safe manner. 


    Students who exhibit all 3 expectations all month are invited to join in a celebration to reward them for their choice to be Mustang Strong. Check out this month's flyer by clicking on the tab on the right.   

Last Modified on September 20, 2022