• Hello!  Welcome to Mrs. Arnsdorff's class

    2017-2018   AP Biology, Honors Biology, and Physical Science.
    Tutoring or makeup testing is available by appointment on Tuesday mornings from 7:30-8:00am.  Please let me know in advance if you will need to take a makeup test or be tutored.
    Georgiavirtuallearning.org is a great website for both Biology and Physical Science.  Go to Resources- Shared - Science - Biology or Physical Science, then choose the topic.  Great resource!!
    Honors Biology Students:  Use classzone.com to take quizzes, play review games, use flash cards, use concept maps, do virtual dissections, etc. without a password.

    Textbooks may be checked out overnight

    Name: Yvonne Arnsdorff
    Email Address:

    Phone number: 912-754-6404

    Science room 908
    Quick Links
    • classzone.com
    • cellsalive.com 
    • cdc.gov
    • Utahgenetics.com
    • gavirtuallearning.org 
    Parents:  Please make sure that your student studies a little each night rather than waiting until the night before the test.  15-20 min. each day is a great help.  Some students need more time, it varies with the student.
    AP Biology students should read a minimum of 10-15 pages per night on average.
    A semester exam will be given in December and April. The Milestone state exam in May will cover all units taught in class.  The AP Biology exam is also in May.   Keep your notebook to use in preparation for final exams!!
    Materials for class:
    Colored pencils/small sharpener
    1-1/2" 3 ring binder/color tab dividers
    Paper & pencils, notebook paper