Ms. Thomas

  • Hello! I am Makenzie Thomas and I am a 7th grade science and social studies teacher at ECMS. Yes, your kiddo could have me for both! I LOVE science and social studies and I am glad I did not have to choose just one. I was certainly a science nerd throughout school and blossomed in social studies while in college at GSU. I am beyond thrilled to share knowledge of these subjects with my current and future students. 

    Now I am sure you are wondering who I am, so here is a little about me. I am not from the area, or even Georgia. I was born in Texas and moved around the country because my father is in the military. It was nice to live in different places and make new friends, although it got harder as I got older. We moved to the area just after I graduated high school and I attended GSU at the Armstrong campus. During my time in the education program, I had the honor of being introduced to Effingham County Middle School. I instantly fell in love with the environment of the school, the teachers, students, and the community. It truly felt like home, which is why I begged my program mentor to allow me to come back for my student teaching. Now I am here and working my dream job with the best students I could have asked for!

    On top of teaching science and social studies, I am a club volleyball coach, which is my passion. I played throughout middle and high school and even on travel ball teams. I stopped playing my senior year due to some medical issues, but I love sports and believe they can do a lot for the students if approached in a positive way. 

    Lastly, as you may have seen in my pictures, I have several animals but no kids of my own yet. My baby is that cute, little black cat and her name is Brooklyn. She is 14 years old and this seems to blow my students away because they are about the same age!

    Thank you for reading a little about me, and PLEASE contact me at anytime if you have any questions or concerns. Let's have a great year! Go Panthers!


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