Brett Exley

  • Email Address:

    Phone: 912-772-7001



    Welcome to Computer Science!! I am an Effingham native, born and raised. I have a BS in Computer Science from Georgia Southern - Armstrong Campus. I also have worked in the Information Technology department for the last 2 years. On my off time, I perform with the Savannah Winds ensemble and I farm as well.  

  • Daily Schedule:

    Morning Duty 8:00-8:25

    Literacy Block 8:25-9:00

    6th grade: 9:01-9:51, 9:52-10:42

    7th grade: 11:43-12:33, 12:34-1:24

    8th grade: 1:55-2:45, 2:46-3:36

    Planning: 10:43-11:42, 1:24-1:54