• Chromebook Checkout

    If your child needs a chromebook, there is no need to request one.  On your child's second day of school, he or she will do Internet Safety Training.  At that time, we will give your student their login information as well as ask them if they need a chromebook to carry back and forth between home and school.   If the student does not have their own device, they will receive a chromebook and charger and it will be checked out to their school library account.  

    Chromebooks are treated like textbooks.  The following is addressed in the Effingham County Board of Education Student and Parent Handbook.

    I understand that my student will need a chromebook/laptop to be used for the entire 2021-2022 school year. This device will need to go back and forth between home and school on a daily basis to be used to complete school work. This year, there will not be extra devices in the classroom for students to borrow and students will not be able to come check out a spare chromebook. Cell phones/tablets/Ipads are not compatible with the instructional programs utilized by the ECSD.  If students do not have their device at school, the student may receive a grade reduction for a missed assignment or they may be required to complete a paper version of an activity instead.

     I understand that by borrowing a Chromebook from ECMS/ECSD, I am agreeing to the following terms listed on Page 18 of the Effingham County Board of Education 2021-2022 Student/Parent Handbook (Section "BOOKS").

    In completing this request and receiving a chromebook/laptop for your child, you agree to maintain the chromebook and return that assigned device to the district/school in the same condition in which it was received. You also agree to be charged $360.00 for a device if it is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair. Furthermore, a cost of up to $70.00 will be assessed to cover repairs for broken keyboards, screens, or charging cables. According to the student handbook, in the event a chromebook is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond what is considered normal wear and tear, payment may be required before a new chromebook can be issued.

    **The device checked out to the student will be identified by its serial number which is located on the back of the device.  It will also be identified in Destiny by its serial number as well.

    ***Chromebooks will be issued to all students who do not have their own devices even if the request form is not completed. The same guidelines listed above apply. If you do not request a chromebook via this form, your child may receive their chromebook after form requests are completed.

    ****any charges that are assessed for chromebooks will be placed within Infinite Campus and will remain until the fee is paid for.

  • Calculator Requests

    Please use the link below to request a calculator to use at school.


    Calculator Request Form