• Effingham County School System

    Community Coach Information

    (New Applicants)


    Step 1: The prospective community coach should complete an online application at https://apps2.winocular.com/Effingham/workspace/


    Step 2: The Athletic Director or Principal notifies the Assistant Superintendent’s office once the application is completed. Contact Emily Tabolt at etabolt@effingham.k12.ga.us or at extension 1111.


    Step 3: The Asst. Superintendent’s office will notify HR that the application is complete so that fingerprinting may be set up.


    Step 4: HR will contact the applicant to arrange a date/time for fingerprinting.


    Step 5: The applicant will need to bring the following to their fingerprinting appointment:

    • Social Security Card (required)
    • Driver’s License or other ID
    • $40 in the form of cash, check, or money order
    • HR and or Assistant Superintendent’s Office will notify the Athletic Director, the coach may volunteer at the Middle School Level or is now ready to proceed to Step 6.


    Step 6: The Principal or AD should provide the following documentation to the Assistant Superintendent’s Office:

    • GHSA Principles for Coaching Exam Certificate (score of 80 or above)
    • PREPARE/First Aid Exam Certificate (score of 80 or above)
    • Proof of completed Compliance Director modules: Mandated Reporting, Sexual Harassment Awareness and sexual Misconduct Reporting, Code of Ethics, and Safety (compliancedirector.org)
    • Appropriate Agreement signed by coach, AD, and principal.


    Step 7: School Principal must complete a Personnel Action Form and submit it to the Asst. Superintendent’s office.


    Step 8: The school AD or Principal should notify the Asst. Superintendent once the Community Coach has successfully completed coaching the season.


    Step 9: The Asst. Superintendent’s office will complete and submit the necessary paperwork to Accounts Payable so the coach may be paid for the season.


    NOTE: Steps 1 through 7 must be completed before the Community Coach begins working with student athletes.