• What should I do if I am having technology issues?

    • Review the material located here on the Technology SOS page
    • Do a quick internet search for the issue to find a resolution
      • FYI Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine?!
    • Ask your peers to see if they are having the same issue
      • If so, did they fix the problem? How?
    • If able, try a different computer, phone, tablet, browser, etc.
      • This step is helpful when troubleshooting
        • The tech contact will want to know what you were doing, how you were connect, on which device, etc to narrow down the problem and find a speedy solution
        • We will need to see if there is a problem with your device or your user account
    • Screen Recording
      • Using Chrome or a Chromebook
      • Using iPhone
        • swipe from the top, right, select record
      • Using Android
        • you'll have to search 'how to screen record' for your specific device or download a 3rd party screen-recorder


    What should I do if I have looked through the materials here but I am still having technical issues?

    1. Contact your teacher
      • he/she will try to resolve the issue
    2. If the teacher cannot fix the issue, they will submit a SysAid
    3. The SysAid will be submitted to the school's Tech Contact for review
      • he/she will try to resolve the issue
    4. If the School's Tech Contact cannot fix the issue, then he/she will forward the SysAid to the next tier at the ECSD Department of Technology