¡Bienvenidos a Español 2!

    Sra. Ivonne Osella, Room 107



    Text:  Avancemos 2, Holt McDougal Publishers.  Spanish 2 is a continuation of the beginning Spanish course that provides a balanced focus on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, and fosters an awareness of the various Spanish-speaking cultures.  The text contains exercises for the acquisition and practice of vocabulary and structures of the Spanish language at a novice level.  The course is designed in compliance with the State of Georgia GPS standards for Spanish Level 2.  The GPS standards for Spanish 2 may be viewed at http://www.georgiastandards.org/language.aspx.



    • One Composition Notebook
    • Pen and/or pencils
    • Two packets of notebook paper (turn in by 8/10/2019)


    Quarterly Grading scale:                                                       Year Grading Scale

    Exams/Projects:              45%                                                  1st Semester grade        40%

    Quizzes                           25%                                                  2nd Semester grade       40%

    Daily grades:                   20%                                                  LEOCT Test                 20%

    Homework                      10%



    Attendance to class is extremely important; please encourage your student to attend school in a regular basis.



    Any work/test or quizzes not completed due to an absence should be made up within 3 days upon returning to class. 


    Test and Quiz Corrections:

    If you fail a test or quiz you will have a chance to correct it for 70% credit after the parent receives notification and the student has attended one tutoring session. (The student has only one week after notification of the failure to attend tutoring and correct the test or quiz). Tutoring sessions will take place by appointment.






    What will I learn in Spanish 2?


    Speaking:    You will be able to adapt and personalize memorized material to form basic statements, questions, requests, and commands in everyday situations in a way that is understandable to native speakers.

    Listening:   You will be able to understand basic spoken language pertaining to familiar situations.

    Reading:     You will be able to understand simple Spanish passages or dialogues on familiar topics.

    Writing:      You will be able to write simple questions and sentences which communicate basic needs or opinions.


    Specifically, you will be able to greet others and make introductions; describe yourself, others, and places; talk about your own interests, activities and preferences; ask questions; talk about past events; make plans; talk about important lives celebrations.  You will also be able to identify and discuss some basic cultural differences and/or similarities between citizens of Spanish-speaking countries and citizens of the United States of America.


    What does Sra. Osella expect of me?


    s   I expect that you, having chosen Spanish, will make a positive effort and do your best to learn to communicate in Spanish and learn about the Spanish-speaking culture.

    s   I expect you to spend at least 20 minutes per day, 5 days a week, on Spanish, memorizing vocabulary and grammar and completing any Spanish 2 assignments.

    s   I expect you to seek help quickly if you are confused or feel as though you are falling behind.  I will be happy to give you extra help after school any day, if you make arrangements with me ahead of time. Memorizing your vocabulary is your responsibility and something you must do on your own.  Vocabulary quizzes will be given in a regular basis




    To be successful this year you must respect your classmates, yourself, your school, and your teacher.  There may be a varying range of skill levels in this class; therefore, it is vital for you to be supportive and encouraging toward each other during the learning process. You are expected to behave appropriately and comply with the dress code as required by the Effingham Co. Board of Education.


    HALL PASSES:     


    Will be issued only in emergency cases or if you have a previously documented health issue.  If you don’t fit either category, please DON’T ask.


    I expect us to have an enjoyable and productive Spanish 2 class. 



    If you would like to print a copy of the syllabus, please click on the link below

    Syllabus Spanish 2